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Here are the perks not listed on the Indiegogo site.
I’ll make sure they’re removed as soon as they’re claimed.
Since these are mostly one of a kind items, I’ll award them to whomever’s email I receive first. You can use the email through IndieGoGo or email me at

All rewards (except one or two enormous ones) can be mailed or picked up at Readercon. Some, like the monster, must be picked up.

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Level Name Description Quantity
$8 Set of SF/F ish books Sorry, Chief… by Willian Johnston, PB 1966 (A Get Smart original novel)
The Fifth Sacred Thing by Starhawk, TPB, 1994
Tomorrow and Tomorrow by Hunt Collins, PB, 1965
$10 Grayline Sisters Series An electronic copy of the series Grayline Sisters by Susan Jane Bigelow. The series consists of the novels The Daughter Star, and The Seeker Star. 3
$15 The Long War The Long War by Terry Pratchett & Stephen Baxter. 1st American Edition. HC 1
$25 Personalized Postcards Offered: 1 handwritten postcard from author/editor/radio personality Ellen Kushner.
“What ever happened to personal, handwritten postcards sent from interesting places?
From her home in New York City, Ellen Kushner will delve into her collection of colorful and artistic postcards, and send the winner (or their designated giftee) a really good one!”
Letter writing is the only device for combining solitude with good company. — Lord Byron
4 remaining of 5
$30 Tin Star bundle A copy of Tin Star, an Arc of the sequel Stone in the Sky by Cecil Castellucci. A copy of the RPG Tin Star. 1
$40 Titanic MS & Swag A pre-release manuscript of the Titanic book and some Titanic swag, donated by bestselling, glow-in-the-dark novelist Sarah Smith 1
$40 Jabberwocky 2 & Place/Time 1 A copy of Jabberwocky 2, containing the short story Love Story by Cassandra Phillips-Sears, signed.
A copy of the journal Place/Time 1, containing the poem Absent 1997 by Cassandra Phillips-Sears, handbound, signed.
$50 Batch of Books A batch of international books donated by a Readercon-chair emeritus: Crystal Huff.
Warren Ellis Gun Machine (new PB) (Britain)
Glenda Larke The Lascar’s Dagger (used PB) (Australia)
Ben Aaronovitch Rivers of London (new PB) (Britain)
Robert Heinlein Starship Troopers (new PB) (USA)
Iain Pears An Instance of the Fingerpost (new PB) (Britain)
Salman Rushdie Midnight’s Children (used PB) (Britain)
Margaret Atwood The Year of the Flood (signed, new HC) (Canada)
Emmi Itäranta Memory of Water (new PB) (Finland)
Hal Clement The Essential Hal Clement vols. 2 & 3 (new HC) (USA)
Leena Krohn Datura (new PB) (Finland)
Pasi Ilmari Jääskeläinen The Rabbit Back Literature Society (new PB) (Finland)
Haruki Murakami Blind Willow, Sleeping Woman (new HC) (Japan)
$80 Dagger Key and Other Stories A copy of Dagger Key and Other Stories by Lucius Shepard, autographed. Special Readercon Edition – 2007. Paperback. 1
$100 Chronicles of Tornor A set of first editions of Elizabeth Lynn’s Chronicles of Tornor donated by Ellen Kushner. The books in the series are Watchtower, The Dancers of Arun and Northern Girl.
These are from Kushner’s personal collection. She notes “[These] were among the first fantasy novels to have gay relationships as an unremarkable part of the cultural background, and included explicit and sympathetic depictions of same-sex love” and “This was a really important series for my generation; the first SF/F I read with openly queer, sympathetic protagonists.”
$100 Poetry Critique A critique of up to 3 poems by Rhysling winner Shira Lipkin. She is co-editor of poetry magazine Liminality. 3
$250 Manuscript Critique A partial manuscript critique by editor Betsy Mitchell. 50 pages of your SF or fantasy manuscript. 1
$500 Song Setting Kevin Clark will set your words to music! No more than 100 words, instrumentation/number of singers to be mutually agreed. You definitely get the written music. If it isn’t too difficult, you might get a YouTube video too! 1
$500 Manuscript Critique A critique of your novel of up to 300 pages by bestselling, glow-in-the-dark novelist Sarah Smith. There will be detailed notes and a Skype for the critique. 1
$600 Manuscript Critique A two page letter of critique of your manuscript of up to 25,000 words by Mary Rickert. 1

Golden Guides

Claimed Items!
Level Name Description Quantity
$10 Old Science Astronomy for Everybody by Simon Newcomb, 1932
First Course in Psychology by Robert S. Woodworth & Mary Sheehan, 1951
$10 Exploring Science! How to Explore the Secret Worlds of Nature by Vinson Brown, 1962
One Hundred and One Science Experiments by Illa Podendorf, 1961
700 Science Experiments for Everyone (compiled by UNESCO), 1962
They all have great illustrations
$12 The Law & The Heart An autographed copy of Nebula-nominated author Kenneth Schneyer’s The Law & The Heart 1
$15 How to Flirt in Faerieland A copy of How to Flirt in Faerieland by C.S.E. Cooney, autographed. 1
$15 Half-Resurrection Blues A copy of the new book Half-Resurrection Blues by Daniel Jose Older, signed. 1
$15 Sagittarius Painting Painting of Astrological Sign Sagittarius, by Palladim, 1969
There’s a pic below this table, below the monster!
$16 War Stories: New Military SF A copy of the anthology War Stories: New Military Science Fiction Details here 1
$20 Starry Night Mug A “Starry Night” mug made by author Lisa Janice (LJ) Cohen. A wheel-thrown mug, black with blue, neutral inside.
Image here
$20 Cupcakes A dozen cupcakes baked by Mikki Kendall. 1
$25 Marmalade & Picture A jar of homemade marmalade from bestselling, glow-in-the-dark novelist Sarah Smith with a picture of it by Augusten Burroughs. Something weird and delicious. 1
$25 What If? A copy of What If by the creator of XKCD, signed. Strange questions taken to their extreme, logical conclusion. 1
$25 XKCD Volume 0 A copy of the first collected volume of the critically acclaimed and internet favorite comic XKCD, signed. 1
$30 Fingerless Mitts A pair of hand-knit fingerless mitts customized to your size! Red with a white Readercon R on the back. Perfect for the cold of Salon F! Knitted by the current Program Chair of Readercon: Emily Wagner. 3
$32 Dragon Belly Mug A “Dragon Belly” mug made by author Lisa Janice (LJ) Cohen. Hand-built, textured tripod mugs. Approximately 16-18 oz.
Image here
$50 Robot Mittens A pair of Robot mittens as seen here

customized to fit, hand knit by the current Program Chair of Readercon: Emily Wagner.
Note: these are mittens with images of robots on them, not mittens for robots.

$50 Batch of Books A batch of international books donated by a Readercon-chair emeritus: Crystal Huff.
Isaac Asimov Foundation (used PB) (USA)
Ben Bova Venus (used PB) (USA)
Peter S. Beagle A Fine and Private Place (used PB) (USA)
Harry Turtledove Departures (used PB) (USA)
Peter Høeg Smilla’s Sense of Snow (used PB) (Denmark)
Umberto Eco The Name of the Rose (used HC) (Italy)
Leo Tolstoy Anna Karenina (used PB) (Russia)
Cervantes Don Quixote (used PB) (Spain)
N. K. Jemisin The Hundred Thousand Kingdoms (used PB) (USA)
N. K. Jemisin The Broken Kingdoms (used PB) (USA)
N. K. Jemisin The Kingdom of Gods (used PB) (USA)
Jack Dann & Gardner Dozois Escape from Earth: New Adventures in Space (new PB) (USA)
Gardner Dozois The Year’s Best Science Fiction: Eleventh Annual Collection (new PB) (USA)
$60 Necklace Pendant Brass Lace and Acrylic Glass pendant (1” w/chain) by W. Aaron Waychoff 1
$60 Circlet Press Fantasy Package Donated by Cecilia Tan: queer SF and fantasy of many flavors from Circlet Press
The Stars Change by Mary Anne Mohanraj — bisexual literary space opera
Through a Brazen Mirror by Delia Sherman — cross-dressing high fantasy (not erotic)
Chocolatiers of the High Winds by HB Kurtzwilde — rollicking gay steampunk romance
Nymph by Francesca Lia Block (HC) — erotic magic realism
$62 Ceramic Bowl A large “nebula bowl” made by author Lisa Janice (LJ) Cohen. Ceramic serving bowl, solid color outside, swirl of contrasting color inside.
Image here
$65 Watercolor Painting A watercolor painting titled “Always in the Last Place You Look” by Julia Burns Liberman. 6″x8″ There’s an image below.
Her work will be in the Arisia art show, if you’re in the area, go take a look.
$75 Cecilia Tan Erotic Fantasy Package Queer erotic fantasy in two flavors by Cecilia Tan: gay high fantasy and bi/pan paranormal:
The Prince’s Boy vol 1
The Prince’s Boy vol 2
The Siren & The Sword (Magic U book 1)
The Tower & the Tears (Magic U book 2)
$80 4 cereal bowls – Stars and Galaxies A set of four “Stars and Galaxies” cereal bowls made by author Lisa Janice (LJ) Cohen. Image here
1 (Set)
$100 Monster A one of a kind cloth and wire monster donated by Barry B. Longyear. The monster is described by Barry as:
My firstborn male child. His name is Grunt Buggley (after the Vogon poem), He was a monster prototype that I fell in love with when I was GOH at Baycon in 1987.
Grunt is approximately four feet tall (one arm is stretched over his head), greenish blue skin, yellowish belly, red gums and white teeth. Blue eyes, too. He has a skeleton made from wire coat hangers, and muscles and skin made from strips of cloth dipped in Elmer’s Glue.

See the bottom of this post for a picture.
$200 Coyote Map A poster-size map of the planet Coyote from Allen Steele’s novel series. A beautiful map, suitable for framing. It is numbered and autographed by Allen Steele. This is the third of only three in existence! 1
$250 Tuckerization Nicola Griffith is offering a Tuckerization in her next piece of fiction–it might be HILD II, it might be the novella she’s working on! 1
$500 Novel Critique Delia Sherman will critique your novel of up to 80,000 words! The critique can be collected in person, by Skype or by phone conference. 1


Last Place You Look


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But not a drop to drink

Last year I tried to keep track of what I read and when I read it. Ostensibly this was for one of those book-a-week attempts. A friend was doing it and it made me curious about how many books I read in a year. I think I hit around 60 last year. Unfortunately, I didn’t post anything about what I was reading anywhere. This blog is an attempt to change that. It’ll mostly be Science Fiction and History that I’ll talk about, but Science, technical books and some other categories will be in the mix as well.

At times I’ll be talking about what I’ve just finished, sometimes things I’ve read in the past, rarely what I’m in the middle of reading though that may change. If nothing else, I’ll have a place to vent when typos make it into the final edition.

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